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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

St Valentine’s day massacre...

…and other bestial tales.

Can i use your heart for my Valentine?
(Signed) Doctor Victor Frankenstein.

Would you mind awfully if should poke a
Little hole in your neck and sip? - B Stoker.

I sit here, holding her hand in mine—
A souvenir from my chopped-up Valentine.

Alas, the hapless porcupine, his heart really bleeds, poor chap.
The quills on his fair valentine turned metaphor into a mishap.

Pity the poor mantis, when he’s in his Valentine’s embrace.
When the lady says Oh God! she’s merely saying grace.

On Valentine’s Day, in the water sport the hippopotami.
It’s the only way to support their entwined anatomy.

Snails are strange creatures; hermaphrodites every one.
On Valentine’s Day, the bastards have twice the fun.

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